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Peak Plumbing and Heating are experts in heating systems and solutions and can also able to offer their expertise in all areas of renewable energy solutions, some of which include:       

Renewable Energy - solar power from roof panels and ground heat extraction techniques

Air Source Heat Pumps - heat taken directly from the surrounding air and environment

Ground Source Heat Pumps - heat taken directly from underground via pipes buried in the garden

Solar Thermal Systems - heat taken from the sun via collectors mounted on the roof.

Biomass Fuel - organically generated energy source, good for the environment

Domestic Sytems - heating systems for your home, keeping you warm and comfortable
Peak Plumbing and Heating also provide a full domestic plumbing service covering all aspect of plumbing & heating for the home owner and landlord.  These services include boiler servicing to installation, full heating to bathrooms or just a dripping tap and carry out all aspects of plumbing & heating within the domestic market.

Peak Plumbing and Heating is a privately owned company with the original owners now acting as directors of the company.  They currently employ 12 plumbers and apprentices and specialise in new build housing for major contractors and smaller privately owned contractors.   Peak Plumbing and Heating can also provide a bespoke service for self-build projects, specifically tailored for your needs.

Peak Plumbing and Heating have a dedicated customer care department with customer care operatives so immediate support and appropriate response is always available to you to ensure that your project, small or large, gets the attention that is needed to ensure your project is completed on time.
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